Hi-Lo, bench, XXI Abitare il Tempo 2006

In the exhibition HOTEL_Stone&Marble Hospitality, during the fair of the XXI edition of ABITARE IL TEMPO in Verona, September 2006, you will find Hi-Lo, a playful bench in pietra di Vicenza (Morseletto) for kids and adults characterizing the scene of the lobby.


Hyperwave Breeze, XXI Abitare il Tempo 2006

In the exhibition HOTEL_Stone&Marble Hospitality, during the fair of the XXI edition of ABITARE IL TEMPO in Verona, September 2006, in the Wellness entry the Hyperwave Breeze design, realized in the blue Azul_Aquamarine stone (Fratelli Testi), introduces the Leisure zone and leads to different Spa equipment and latest accessories.


INTERNI Annual Decor2006

The Interni Annual on Decor in 2006 features an article on the digital design revolution and its impact on designing with stone, "disegnare la pietra", which leads to a new 3D world of signiture surfaces, in particular the Hyperwave series in marble and stone by Fratelli Testi.



Stretch, chaise longue, new version, 2005

For the installation FLUXUS during the exhibition 100 FACES, 100 PROJECTS in XX edition of ABITARE IL TEMPO in Veronafiere, September 2005, Pongratz Perbellini Architects designed STRETCH, a chaise longue alluding to the atmosphere of a wellness environment. The first chaise longue version was realized as a prototype, in Corian sheets in Glacier White, CNC milled and thermoformed.


Gwangbok Street and Busan Piff Plaza competition, 2005,

honorable mention

Our entry The eyes of the trees in the Gwangbok Street and Piff Plaza International Competition in Busan, Korea, 2005, features 1 km of particular stone pavement , our new 3D stone sculptures for benches, fountains etc. and artist sculptures (artist Pino Castagna) to furnish 7 urban density zones into vivid street atmospheres. Ciscu


KALAMA, floorlamp in Corian, 2005

The KALAMA lamp is one of a set designed for interior spaces by Pongratz Perbellini Architects. The basic idea is to create a new perception of the space using the lighting-object as allusive to a more sensorial experience. The KALAMA lamp is being perceived as a flowing object, characterized by a fluid and soft shape. This design choice addresses aspects of perception, that transfer a new sense of tranquility and relaxation.


LIQUID STONE, Abitare il Tempo, Marmomacc, 2005

The Liquid Stone exhibition takes part in the XX Abitare il Tempo, Veronafiere, Verona, 2005 and exhibits also at the the 40a Marmomacc, Cittadella di Marmo Arte Cultura, Marble Art Culture, Veronafiere, Verona, Italy, September-October 2005. The exhibition features the latest designs in the series, Hyper-wave dunes, tide, stream and moon. A 10x4 meter video projection displays a virtual voyage into the depths of the digital material. blog, veronafiera


FLUXUS, Abitare il Tempo, 2005

FLUXUS, wellness installation in 100 volti, 100 progetti / 100 faces, 100 projects, XX Abitare il Tempo, 20 years celebration, International exhibition of décor, Veronafiere, Verona, Italy, September 2005 abitareiltempo


FLUXUS, in Interni, Abitare Verona, Architetti Verona, 2005

the installation FLUXUS is published by C. Amadori, in 100 volti per 100 progetti, INTERNI, No.9, Mondadori, Milano, Italy, 2005, by M.T. Ferrari, in ABITARE VERONA, No.1596, Ballarini Interni and by S. Grego, in ARCHITETTI VERONA, No.75, Ordine degli Architetti della Provincia di Verona, Verona, Italy, 2005


HYPER-WAVE, in Milan and Nuernberg, 2005

Hyperwave moves on to Stone+Tec, Exhibition for Stone & Technology, Nuernberg, Germany, 2005; and Progetto Città, 3a Mostra dell’architettura e dell’urbanistica,Nuova Fiera di Milano, Milano, Italy, 2005


HYPER-WAVE in VERTICALIA, Bologna, and EXPO, Shanghai, 2005

TESTI FRATELLI presents “Hyper-Wave”, the new series of 3D surfaces in marble and stone, designed by pONGRATZ pERBELLINI.
“Hyper-Wave” is the result of latest 3D design and stone manufacturing technologies and represents a customizable line for facade and interior wall cladding. The design takes inspirations in natural forms and processes which introduce an architecture of experience with smooth tactile stone surfaces. Verticalia, Saie Due, Bolognafiere, Bologna, Italy, and Verticalia, Expo Build China 2005, Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China, 2005


HYPER-WAVE, in magazines, 2005

HYPER-WAVE is featured in: L’INFORMATORE DEL MARMISTA, No.525, C. Zusi editor,

FRAMES No.114, 2005, Studio Original Designers, 6R5 Network

ACIMM news, ACIMM No.42, I. Spallanzini, Milano, Italy, 2005



CP Group, hair and wellness salon, Verona, 2005

CP GROUP salon for hair and wellness opens, featuring a unique space, which communicates an atmosphere based on emotional experiences joined with the philosophy of AVEDA products. The interiors are combining comfort and functional efficiency with the performance of new materials and forms brought about by innovative techniques of design and manufacturing. The finishes of smooth surfaces address more the tactile aspects of perception and the presence of particular sounds, colours and aromas transfers a sense of tranquillity and relaxation to the customer.


Villa V2, Verona, 2005

The building department in Verona, Italy, approved the design for VILLA V2. The building features particular sculpted formwork, where concrete will be poured into intricate molds to realize the roof-split, which covers simultaneoulsy the lower and upper building sections. Necessary construction documents will be prepared. The private Residence, is ready for construction, with 250 m2 distributed on two levels, and scheduled to be finished by 2007.


Performance Art Center, Seoul, competition, 2005

pONGRATZ pERBELLINI aRCHITECTS participated in the competition for the Seoul Performance Art Center. The three major organizational structures of the design are the topographical design of the island which offers a variety of leisure programs and biotopes. Along the island an architectural promenade interpreted with different functional and material qualities envelopes the opera house and concert hall and amphitheater spac


Abitare magazine, Marmomacc and stone, 2005

"La Grotta’s”, innovative design featuring smooth tactile stone, a result of the offices research in new manufacturing technologies for 3D surfaces, is published by M. Zanini in ABITARE n.447 in 2005, with the title Marmomacc e L architettura in pietra



39 Marmomacc Veronafiere, 2004

The facade mockup for the project "La Grotta” is exhibited with “L’Architettura di Pietra” during Marmo Arte Cultura, at the 39A Marmomacc, in front of exhibition pavilion 1, Veronafiere, Verona, Italy, 2004



La Grotta, Abitare il Tempo, 2004

The facade mockup for the project "La Grotta” exhibited during “Abitare il Tempo”, and forms part of the east-façade of the project La Grotta, in Montorio, Verona, Italy, which will be the first sustainable intervention to reuse one of the many abandoned stone quarries in the Verona area. The façade mockup, with 3.5 x 4 meters, is engineered and manufactured by TESTI GROUP (Verona), PERMASTEELISA (Treviso). abitareiltempo


Digital design and manufacturing, 2004

The project "La Grotta” will be featured in the forthcoming book on "Digital Design and Manufacturing: CAD/CAM Applications in Architecture and Design”, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2005, editors D. Schodek, M. Bechthold, K. Griggs, K. Kao, M. Steinberg.A reliable, concise guide to computer-aided design and manufacturing. Positioned to be the leading book of its kind in the field... wiley


Modulo magazine 2004

"La Grotta’s”, innovative design implementing new manufacturing technologies in stone is featured in the Article High Tech su Misura – Mass customization in Modulo No.298, 2004



Infants Day-care
Verona, 2004

The NUVOLETTA CELESTE, Infants Day-Care opens. offering spaces for didactic activities as well as for playing, socializing, resting, and personal care moments, always interrelated to the outside thematic playground. It is expansible or retractable, open or divided for big or small groups, a loud, bright, colorful and flexible space that become silent at interchanging activities, (playing versus sleeping)


Campus Schio competition, 2004

pONGRATZ pERBELLINI aRCHITECTS competition entry is exhibited at “Campus dei Licei”, an exhibition in Itis de Pretto, via XXIX Aprile, Schio, Italy, 2005


Pixel e Marmo, symposium, 2003

Christian R. Pongratz lectures on“Form and Stone” illustrating the digital design practice on methodologies to experiment with complex surfaces and latest stone cladding technology. Other guest speakers are Jesse Reiser (RUR), Laurence Tighe (Gehry LLP), Olindo De Luca, Marzio Perin (Permasteelisa), PierLuigi Testi (Testi Fratelli), coordinated by Antonino Saggio (La Sapienza)



Digital Scapes-Global Remix, 2003

Christian R. Pongratz is co-curating and our studio is exhibiting at “DIGITAL SCAPES: GLOBAL REMIX”, a group show with video-clips of European and American digital design offices, one of the VERONAFIERE events within the 38a MARMOMACC, the International Exhibition of Marble, Stone and Technology in Verona, Italy, from 2 to 5 of October 2003



Busan Architecture Seminar, 2003

Christian R. Pongratz is faculty member at the Busan 2003 First Edition International Architectural Design Seminar in Korea. It is a global interactive Seminar on the future of Busan’s Architecture and Urbanism with the theme “Tradition and Avant-garde: Death in the City / Landscape and Seascape”.


Busan lecture series 2003

Christian R. Pongratz presents his lecture “morphogenesis” at the Busan 2003 First Edition International Architectural Design Seminar in Korea. The talk focused on questions of intelligent life systems in the design process,which foster new possibilities of form development and the potentiality for differentiation.


biacf competition busan, korea, 2003

Christian R. Pongratz is part of the jury for the Busan International Architectural Design Competition 2003, with Hiroshi Hara (Japan), Andrew Vernooy (USA), Ryu Choon Soo(Korea), Kang Suk Won ( Korea), Busan International Architectural Competition “The Captured Ocean - redefining the Busan Urban Waterfront”, Busan, Korea, 2003,


Urban Identity of the Busan City, 2003

the Forum, “Urban Identity of the Busan City”, taking place as part of the International Architectural Design Seminar was overshadowed by the Taifun damaging part of the studio space and other buildings at the nearby ocean.


The g-point , Verona, 2003

The new “Galmod Center” in Verona, is proposed to provide predominantly space to manufacture the line of professional bicycles, but also create an exclusive meeting point for the worldwide clientele. Like a club, the building offers a range of amenities from leisure facilities including sport and wellness, few hotel rooms, to bar and office-meeting space, and it will be on the second level of an industrial building. galmod


The viaduct, Berlin LBHf, 2003

The project is a proposal for the middle of the existing Master Plan Development of Lehrter Bahnhof in Berlin, laid out by O.M. Ungers, and is waiting for the whole development (in part on hold) first to be realized. The 380 m mixed-use building with two levels, proposes sports, wellness and entertainment for the Stadtquartier. LBhf